Immersive Audio-Visual
2023, co-artist : Fabian Mosele

Photo credit : Dimension Plus
GGGGG is a collaboration project between HHH and Synthiola, artists will be located in Taiwan and Germany respectively and will perform in real time, attempting to eliminate the limitations of time and space through the use of 5G technology, creating a new form of co-presentation in a different location.

It presents two parties battling over the performative space, colliding between minimalist and maximalist styles, seizing the true meaning of 5G. The five G’s, first presented to stand for techno-optimist discourses, get contested by a glitch in the system, pushing for a more conspiratorial narrative. In the course of the conversation, the two parties will take over each other’s space, battling over the five G’s projected in the gallery. The two very different styles will compete against each other, colliding and intertwining in each other to seize the right to speak.