Yarn、Laser Control System
Scale depend on space
Indoor Installation
The relationship between human and space began from finding the right human’s body scale scale caves in the natural environment to shield in the old ancient times. 
Until the 20th century, because of the progress of construction methods, Le Corbucier proposed the Domino System which developed a new kind model that allows human to start having more free space in a artificial building space. And with the rapid development of digital technology, modern people have begun to have digital virtual space that can temporarily get rid of physical restrictions. 

By presenting the flowing features of the digital virtual space to the real space, Devenir Space pursues creating a space that is immersive and does not require any additional devices to experience. 
Because "by changing and leaving the usually used space, human will open their mind and enter a state that can make more connection and exploration with a space." I Choose to change the real space with real objects and use it to create a real and virtual mixed experience. 

By this way, the boundary between the real space and the virtual space will become less obvious. In the configuration of the work, because I want to remove the viewing distance between the viewer and the work, I chose a way to change the nature of the space and let the viewer have an immersive experience. The spatial function of the black gauze is placed in the space to cut the moving line and the space, and by matching with the laser with pure cutting space, the effect is balanced and the viewer can be anywhere in the work. The effect of blending with the work. With the involvement of the media, the realities and the realities of space will be reconstructed by revealing and implying all the exist lines in space. Pursuing through the characteristics of these works to explore the relationship of the corporeality、real space and virtual space in this digital age.